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"Nearly every page had me nodding in recognition, smiling, or crying. I felt like I was having a conversation with the author as she shared her journey. Finding strength and understanding in the midst of a medical crisis is not easy. This book gives insights in what to say and do as a supporter of a family member or friend who is ill....."

"In this impressive volume, Israela Meyerstein combines the hard-won knowledge of a mature and experienced mental health clinician, the creativity of an expressive artist, the wisdom of a spiritual seeker and the disciplined writing skills of a seasoned contributor to the professional literature......


    "Bridge To Healing” is just what the title implies. Healing and curing are two distinct entities. I have learned that when you heal your life, your body gets a live message and does all it can to help you to survive.

     Cancer is a unique experience for each individual. When you are willing to explore your experience and ask what you are to learn from your journey through Hell, the curse can become a blessing; just as hunger makes us seek nourishment, so can our disease.

     Israela shares some of the universal themes one can find in many religions and philosophies which have proven to be effective. She shows us how to heal, find peace, and not wage a war against the cancer enemy and empower it. She shows us how to treat the experience and not just the result.

     Israela removes the guilt, shame and blame issues, and like Maimonides, understands that disease is not God’s punishment. What you need to do is seek help by looking for what you have lost: your health. I have seen self-induced healing occur when people had faith, left their troubles to God, and had their cancers disappear. I have learned from exceptional patients about survivor behavior.

     God loves His children and our healing potential is amazing. So read on and learn from the wisdom of the sages and ages that you are not a diagnosis or a statistic. You are a survivor.


Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. 

Author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love



     We all face the prospect of serious illness in our lives and how we learn and cope with this crisis is an essential human task. “Bridge To Healing” by Israela Meyerstein is more than an inspiring tale of illness and recovery; it guides us through the process of loss of health and its recovery utilizing spiritual tools that are specific and useful. Inspired by Jewish tradition, it has universal appeal as its wisdom comes from the ages.

                                                                                               Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D.

President and CEO, Sheppard Pratt Health System, Maryland




I commend your dedication to cover the topic so thoroughly.

                                                                                                                          Rabbi Harold S. Kushner



     “Bridge To Healing” is one of the most inspiring journeys through personal illness I have read in years. I cannot imagine anyone who will not benefit from the practical methods that psychotherapist Israela Meyerstein devised to survive and thrive following her encounter with cancer. This is a marvelous account of the power of spirituality in enduring life’s greatest challenges. It is also a work of great compassion, for it will lighten the burden of illness not only for the sufferer, but also for those who care for them.


                                                                                                                     Larry Dossey, M.D.

     Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters



     Drawing on her profound experiences as a gifted family therapist, searching cancer patient, and thoughtful student/facilitator of spiritual growth, Israela Meyerstein has constructed a sturdy and beautiful bridge to healing for patients, caregiving family and friends, health care professionals, and, truly, all those touched by our precarious human condition. Her personal and professional voices are artfully integrated and join a chorus of Jewish and many other texts of coping and hoping, providing both deeply inspiring and remarkably practical guidance and tools for the journeys of illness, recovery, and healing.

                                                                        Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub, LCSW,

          Rabbinic Director, National Center for Jewish Healing and New York Jewish Healing Center;                                                           Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services


       Israela Meyerstein’s book on Practical Spirituality builds from her own experiences as a cancer survivor. Her story of battling disease is extraordinary in her development and sharing of tools-she finds a path to stay actively human, not simply a passive patient in a dehumanized technical battle for her body. Many other people will find themselves, or someone they love, in a similar struggle. Israela’s sharing of her experiences, and tools she found useful, can help bring light and hope to a stressful journey.


                                                                                                                        Harold Bob, M.D.,C.M.D.                                                                               Medical Director, Seasons Hospice, Maryland



     The theme of the subtitle of this book, Finding Strength To Cope With Illness, is an inspiration for patients, caregivers, and health care professionals. What makes it authentic is Israela Meyerstein’s personal journey through the disempowering complex labyrinth of oncology. What makes it truly practical for anyone are the spiritual resources that have their roots in Judaism, but are universal in nature. The message is clear: We can overcome the many challenging aspects of cancer when we step outside the limits of disease-centered medicine (where the heart is seen as a pump) and enter the realm of individualized, human-centered medicine (where the heart connects with the spirit). Israela’s book, “Bridge To Healing”, is the roadmap to get there.


                                                                                            Peter Hinderberger, M.D., Ph.D., DI Hom.                       Medical Director Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center Baltimore, Maryland



     Sensitivity, Spirituality, and Israela are one and the same. As a gifted psychotherapist she has helped numerous people find peace and direction within themselves. As Israela points out, many who are confronted with illness and other life challenges either begin to use or lose religion. Challenges that “cut a hole in the soul” can also reawaken a search for purpose in life. Writing from personal experience with illness, Israela shows readers how spirituality can bring renewed strength and positive hope for the future. Follow her journey and you, too, will find renewed strength to cope and heal!


                                                                                                                             Rabbi Dr. Tsvi G. Schur

                                                                                                            Chaplain, Johns Hopkins Hospital



     “Bridge to Healing” is more than “just” a health care book with Jewish and universal appeal; it is an inspirational guide to improve your life. Israela demonstrates that she is just as conversant with Judaic sources as she is with spiritual and wellness literature. I was moved by the breadth and depth of her thinking and lively style. Self-help guides don’t get any better than this!

                                                                                                                  Rabbi Dr. Ed Weinsberg

            Author of Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love, and Sex Can Renew Your Life



      Israela’s story is both riveting and uplifting. Israela enables readers to trust her as their guide.


                                                                                                                         Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

                                                                                                 Author of Tears of Sorrow, Seeds of Hop

"It is not necessary to be ill to be helped by reading this book. Certainly all of us need healing in certain areas of our lives and the author is very helpful in putting in perspective what is important to us. This is a book to be shared with your family and friends and to be read more than once."

"This is the most compelling book I have read in a long time. The writing was sensitive and powerful at the same time. It was writtenj with heartfelt spirituality and feeling that would be helpful to anybody withy a serious illness....."

"What a hopeful journey across the bridge to healing! Israela Meyerstein invites us to join her as she traverses the narrow bridge of illness and medical treatment. Her experience as a family therapist and as spiritual teacher becomes a recious resource when she is faced with a disquieting diagnosis, impersonal clinicians, uncertainty, and discomfort. Discovering new applications for the symbols and traditions of Judaism, she finds tools and techniques for comfort and coping. This book is accessible to health care professionals, family caregivers, pastoral counselors, and all of us who struggle not to succumb to despair in the face of infirmity...."

"This book beautifully explains how to deal with illness physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is evident that the author has done a lot of research and also has practiced the techniques about which she writes."